Our flagship, the Defender Series, Paint Protection Film provides the highest quality, durability and reliability within the industry. As one of the thickest film at 8mils (203 micron), we protect your from light scratches, chipping and markings due to vehicle use .

Our paint protection film is made using Thermoplastic Poly Urethane (TPU) due to its nature to achieve a higher degree of Weatherability and UV Resistance as compared to other materials such as Polyvinyl (PVC) / TPH.

Super High Gloss & Hydrophobic

Uniquely formulated and engineered to provide ultra-high gloss finishing and hydrophobic properties together with high optical clarity

Self-Healing & UV Resistance

It’s self-healing technology together with the UV Resistance properties protects your car from light scratches and block UV rays from the surface of your paint, preventing fading and ensuring your paint keeps its bright shiny lustre

Cool Defender's
Film Structure

Cool Defender's
PPF Standards

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